• Plot X-26, Raj Shikshan Sankul, GIDC, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Welcome To Krishna School Of Science Gandhinagar. Addmission Open K.G to 12 Science, Arts & Commerce. Guj. & Eng. Medium

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About us

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Co-Curricular Activates
  • Limited number of students in the classroom
  • K.G. The classrooms will develop mental development of the children and without any burden,
  • Trained teachers of every subject.
  • Use of computer lab, Internet connectivity and modern educational tools
  • CCTV cameras equipped with a campus
  • First Aid Management in the organization
  • Freezing water cooled water for drinking water
  • Phone for non-admission students as well as SMS to guardian
  • Gym spots equipped with sports equipment
  • School bus system to come to students
  • The mental and physical development of children through exercise, Yogasana, meditation, pranayama
  • Family-friendly atmosphere to instil the inner strengths of students instantly
  • Gyanavriti by the end of various trips, forest meals, tourism, debates and other institutions
  • Students of standard-10 to standard-12 students have done the syllabus two months before the board examination and revised the revision and papers.
  • For the students of Std-11 and Std-12 science, complete preparation of JEET/NEET at school campus
  • Planning for the education of the students who are self sufficient in the quality of the quality of the guardianship by the parents
Parent's Feedback

Nice School

Dharmendrasinh Chavda

It is really important to Krishna Science School to ensure that we obtain Parent feedback regularly.

Nakul Shah

My child progress is amazing, she really enjoys coming to school.

Nirmita Shah
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